About Farragnarok

Farragnarok is the tale of 8 chosen Heroes, each with a Land custom tailored to their personalities and fate, colliding into a cascade of plot, intrigue and coincidences.

As each Hero, you explore their Land, learn its secrets and listen to the stories of their mysterious animal inhabitants. Each land has a Titan plaguing it in some fashion, and it is up to the chosen Hero to save the day, while just maybe learning something about themselves.... Is what I WOULD say if everything didn't go off the rails even before the first second. Hidden depths lurk in each Land as meta narrative and gameplay intertwine in a mysterious fashion. I wonder why each of these Heroes seems utterly unsurprised by the mysterious cirumstances they find themselves in???

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Key Features

8 planned lands with Unique Gameplay: Each Land in Farragnarok is tailor made for its Hero, with different aesthetics, gameplay and themes.

As an example, the Land of Horticulture and Essence is themed around the creation and destruction of Life, as wells as Life's inevitable destructive progression from Childhood's acceptance to early Adulthood's rejection. Will you be able to grow past the control of the parental figure Titan?

Character Interaction: Each Land contains links to PALDEMIC chat client conversations between Heroes. It is also planned for Heroes to begin finding ways to leave their own Lands and visit each other, stirring up even more chaos as they do so.

Procedural Elements: Each Land contains some key element of procedural generation, whether its the tree designs for The Land of Horticulture and Essence, the map for The Land of Mists and Trails, or even the narrative itself in [DATA EXPUNGED].
Music by manicInsomniac